My Story

Welcome to 4D Wellness! I'm Austin, the founder and head coach at 4D. Here at 4D we’re dedicated to personalizing a program of action, along with the tools needed, to help you overcome addiction and alcoholism. Clients weekly one-on-one sessions will be with me. Here is a little bit of my story, so hopefully you feel comfortable sharing yours with me.

During the earliest years of my life several traumatic events unfolded. Events that left behind some long term fears; abandonment, isolation, and an inherent feeling of inadequacy. Without my knowing, these fears would go on to fuel my drug and alcohol addiction for the next 20+ years.

In middle school I found relief in marijuana and alcohol. Their effects captured me, they made me feel “whole” and I began seeking out even stronger drugs. Quickly I discovered cocaine, xanax, and pain killers – I was in love. My insatiable thirst for narcotics led me to selling drugs to fund my personal drug needs.

High school faded into a blur of moments and when I graduated the memory felt incomplete. I knew I had a problem, but I justified my usage, associating drug addiction with stereotypes far from my reality.

Once in college, I was introduced to oxycontin—a drug that forever changed the trajectory of my life. The combination of oxycontin and cocaine allowed me to seemingly balance academics and work, while underneath, my struggle persisted and worsened. I knew I wanted to stop but I didn't know how, all my attempts were futile. I secretly wanted it all to end; suicidal thoughts dominated most of my alone time. Finally my luck ran out and I got caught selling drugs.

Incarceration stripped away the drugs and alcohol, laying bare the turmoil within. My core fears resurfaced with a vengeance—loneliness, inadequacy, and shame tormented my soul. Determined to stop, I pledged to break free from my addictions and I wrote countless letters home filled with promises of abstinence. I meant every single word of those letters. Yet the moment I was released I found myself overwhelmed and intoxicated once again. Where had my resolve gone? How did this keep happening? Over the next decade, my life became a relentless cycle of active addiction and failed attempts at detoxing. In the last few years my world became very small. Consisting of nothing more than a bottle, my dealer, a needle, and a baggie. Alcoholics and addicts will know this loneliness and despair.

During my attempts to get sober I explored hundreds of methods, teachers, systems, groups, mentors, spiritual practices and disciplines—but the ever elusive sobriety I craved remained beyond grasp. Desperation became the norm: traversing through psych wards, state funded detox units, hospitals, and attempting suicide. My darkest fears had fully manifested– I was gripped by isolation, abandonment, and the weight of inadequacy. Amid this abyss, an unforeseen paradox emerged—a peculiar beauty hidden within the depths of hopelessness, igniting a determination to embrace any means for sobriety. This newfound willingness coupled with humility became the cornerstone of my journey to recovery.

In a final dire effort my two biggest supporters intervened, helping me into a “real” rehab where I arrived with abscesses on my neck and liver damage. To me none of that even mattered, the real damage was internal. I felt like my soul or spirit was gone forever. I was defeated, embarrassed, ashamed and baffled. In rehab I was detoxed for the last time. I was required to attend AA meetings, counseling, and group therapy. I was willing to do anything anyone said would get me sober. Inner peace began to take root and a new era of freedom dawned.

A new purpose began to motivate me, pushing me to aid others on their path to sobriety and freedom. Mentoring thousands of individuals, I delved deep into the mechanics of change, studying patterns, and dissecting the mind-body-soul connection. I became a practitioner of all things holistic health and wellness, imbibing wisdom from both historical and contemporary thought leaders. Through personal trials, errors, and triumphs, I developed a comprehensive system—4th Dimension Wellness—crafted specifically for recovering addicts and alcoholics.

Today, I stand in awe of the life I've been given. The once overwhelming voice of addiction has been silenced. The desire for substances has been extinguished. Tears of freedom and inner peace replaced the tears of despair. This existence, once inconceivable, is now my reality—a life of continuous growth, learning, and evolution. I acknowledge that I don't possess all the answers; I remain a humble student, forever learning.

It's my honor, my privilege, and my all-encompassing passion to introduce you to 4D Wellness. If you find yourself battling, remember, you're not alone. Reach out, my hand is extended to you. Together, we'll navigate this journey, and with unwavering dedication, we'll forge a path toward light, empowerment, and a future brimming with infinite possibilities.

Thank you for considering 4D Wellness as your partner on this transformative expedition. Your story matters.

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“We were rocketed into a fourth dimension of existence of which I had not even dreamed”- AA big book

“To have faith is to trust yourself to the water. When you swim you don't grab hold of the water because if you do, you will sink and drown. Instead, you relax and float” - Alan Watts

“Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world. Your results are a reflection of your thinking.” - Robin Sharma


  • MIND

    The mind is the most powerful tool we possess. Its most basic function is to ensure our safety and survival. However, a significant dilemma emerges when our own mind, designed to protect us, demands to indulge in substance/alcohol abuse. At 4D, we dive into crucial aspects of the mind that trap us into certain behaviors and patterns. Here's are the key areas we focus on:
    Meta Cognition
    Thought Process
    Subconscious Mind
    Neural Pathways

    However, self-knowledge of our alcoholism/addictions marks merely the inception of our journey. The next step involves actively “rewiring” our brains. The only way to do this is through consistent practice and repetition. Your coach will employ a range of tools to facilitate this transformation:
    Goal Setting
    Personal Inventory
    Habit/Ritual Formation
    New Learnings and Books
    Growth Mindset and Perspective Change
    Deep Work
    Self Talk

    While creating new channels for our brain to operate within is vital, equal importance must be placed on carefully filtering the content that we allow in. Frequently, our daily routines become cluttered with elements that hinder both personal development and adoption of a new way of living. Here, we emphasize the importance of managing certain aspects such as:
    Social Media
    Binge Watching
    Harmful Music

    Navigating the intricacies of the mind reminds us that a universal approach isn't applicable. This is where your 4D coach steps in to craft a customized action plan that constantly evolves with your journey. 4D reclaims the power of our minds, ensuring it functions in our favor once more.

  • body

    Physical health is often the first part to suffer during our addiction/alcoholism sprees. Luckily the human body is a marvelous machine, designed to heal and thrive when treated properly. 4D addresses three core areas of the body: training(exercise), nutrition(food), and recovery(sleep). Here’s some avenues you will explore with you coach under the training umbrella:
    Weight Training
    Heart Rate Zones
    Biking Rowing
    Recreational Sports
    Aerobic Vs Anaerobic

    Nutrition is frequently an underestimated and underutilized resource in addiction and alcoholism recovery. Paradoxically, it may well be the most crucial factor in our long-term success. What we consume has a profound impact on our performance, mood, energy levels, and, consequently, our sense of self-worth. Unfortunately, the field of diet and nutrition is often muddled with complexities, influenced by social media, commercials, and misleading information. At 4D, we emphasize four key areas that we monitor and practice:
    Macro Nutrition
    Caloric Intake

    An equal importance must be placed on recovery. There are many different ways to maximize the time we spend asleep. Your coach will tailor a recovery program that works best for you:
    Night Routine
    Natural Light
    Cold And Heat Exposure
    Stimulants Relaxation Techniques

  • soul

    Addiction/alcoholism often strips away our most precious gift, our very soul. Leaving us feeling empty, depressed, and worthless. Activities that we once loved lose their significance. This devastating blow often marks a turning point - a fork in the road. To trudge on soulless or to seek help. Here at 4D we guide our members on how to rejuvenate their souls back to health in a variety of techniques and exercises:
    Yoga Spiritual
    Meaningful Relationships

    During your weekly coaching sessions we will highlight various avenues with specific practices to strengthen your soul - enlightening a pathway to more freedom, happiness, and overall well being.